Finding A Realistic (Natural, Safe & Effective) Skin Whitening Product...

As you'll probably know, finding skin whitening products that can offer the means to lighten those extra shades, and allow you to feel confident about your skin can often feel impossible in the current skin care market. There are skin whitening creams, lotions and skin whitening pills.

It is overflowing with hundreds if not thousands of skin whitening products and each product claiming to do the same thing; and distinguishing the good from the bad can be a daunting task.

Hey, Anita here,

And you're reading my uncensored review of what I really thought about skin whitening pills.

Why am I writing this? Well, when I was thinking about buying skin whitening pills, there weren't many real reviews around so I thought I'd write one quickly to help any of you who are in the same position I was.

But be warned, I'll be going into both the good and the bad points, so if that's something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now.

This is especially the case when the vast majority of them have no medical backing or clinical trials to commend them. How can you be certain that the skin whitening products you are receiving really work?

For many of us, having a effective skin whitening product can make a real difference to helping us accomplish our skin tone desires. Combined with a proper skin care a good skin whitening cream or lotion can allow you to lose a couple shades at a pace that is right for you – in other words, safe and fast!

With this is mind I have researched extensively into the top 50 products creams, lotions and skin whitening pills currently on the market, have examined their effectiveness, clinical trials, medical backing, their value for money and have determined the 3 top products - Illuminatural 6i, Revitol and Skin Whitening Forever You can see my full research below but here's some information on what I now know to be the most effective - Illuminatural 6i:

For a start, Illuminatural 6i is completely natural. It is a revolutionary, clinically proven skin whitening cream that lightens 2-4 shades within the first couple weeks.. With Illuminatural 6i you can experience:



Guaranteed skin whitening that is 100% safe – free from side effects, fillers and preservatives, with Illuminatural 6i your skin is in safe hands.


2 -4 shades lighter within the first week – sun bathing does not have to feel like a sin! With Illuminatural 6i’s help you can still enjoy your time at the beach, whilst whitening your skin naturally and safely.


No Mercury or other harmful ingredients – No more using dangerous chemicals that will do more damaged to your skin. Illuminatural 6i is 100% natural.


Tighten your skin – Illuminatural 6i not only lightens your skin tone but also tightens your skin at the same time. Giving your lighter, tighter skin.
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  ...Or See My Full Informational Research Below:

Illuminatural 6i: Beyonce's Skin Secret Exposed!



Product Name




Illuminatural 6i Skin Brightener 


Revitol Skin Brightener


Skin Whitening Forever



How It Works



reduce appearance of dark areas
lighten appearance of the skin
promote even looking skin tone
has natural sun protectants
tightens skin
No mercury or other harmful ingredients
herbal based solution
non-toxic natural ingredients
reduce the freckles, liver-spots
natural emollients, moisturizers and vitamins
No mercury or other harmful ingredients
make your own whitening creams
prevent skin discolorations
what diet to eat when whitening skin
whiten naturally, safely at home
No mercury or other harmful ingredients



Medical Backing And Quality Assurance

Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC
CITES certificate
Organics Annex   Certificate
Certificate of analysis
Certificate of Analysis

Average Shades Loss (Monthly)


Side Effects


Clinical Trials



Pilot Clinical Study
Clinical Study July 2006
Vitamin Bile Salt Study Report 4
TNO Report Part-1 2001 - Fat Binding Capacity
TNO Report Part – 3 2005 - American Breakfast
Revitol product line extensively tested






Recommended By



Dr. Joerg Gruenwald
Will Davis (Pharmaceutical professional)
Aurora Barker (Practicing Nurse
Dr Emmanuel Ekanem
Mr G.Alexander (Medical Herbalist)






Bottle Per Package

Digital Download

Price (1 Month)

From $49.95 (36.99)*
$29.95 (22.18)
$37.00 (27.40)

Additional Free Bonuses



order 6 month supply and get 3 bottles free
order 3 month supply and get 1 bottle free
rush delivery 2-4 days
save $5 dollars when you buy 2 bottles
save $30 dollars when you buy 4 bottles
save $60 dollars when you buy 6 bottles

Members area

Money Back Guarantee

180 day money back guarantee
180 day money back guarantee
60 day money back guarantee

Media Coverage



UK Telegraph
Scottish Primary Care
New York Times
Florida Style Magazine

My Rating


Website Links


Illuminatural 6i Website


Revitol Website


Skin Whitening Forever Website


Based on my assessment of their ingredient base, clinical trials, side effects, re-order rate, price and money back guarantee, I have come to the conclusion that Illuminatural 6i is by far the more superior product. Unlike skin whitening pills that are dangerous and not effective, this natural herb based formula will not harm your skin.

It may be slightly more expensive than the other 2 supplements, but for this small additional fee you can experience the confidence of having a whitening product that...

Has undergone 5 successful pre-clinical trials, offers the extra health benefits of: reduces dark spots, increased even tone, lightens your skin and protects it from the sun, with no mercury or other harmful ingredients. It will definitely boost your self esteem – emotionally, physically and mentally.

Plus accompanied by a wealth of medical backing by leading health officials across the world, Illuminatural 6i’s growing reputation within the media for being a natural alternative to cosmetic facial surgery truly makes it a skin whitening product worth paying attention to. Highly recommended.


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